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ArcoScreen aim to revolutionize the discovery of drugs targeting GPCRs. Our technology allow the identification of the mode of action of the drug in a single assay, and works directly on patients' cells, which greatly increases the quality and the reliability of the results obtained.
Thanks to the use of a microfluidic chip, our assay is fully automatized and delivers results in only 15 minutes. 
5 assays in 1
Suitable for primary cells
Early stage signalisation detection
Library of 250 GPCR expressing cell lines
Results in 15 min
Sample storage at -80°
G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) represent 35% of all approved modern drug targets and are a major part of the 200 US most profitable drugs. These proteins are the most successful drug targets to treat diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Current drug screening assays targeting GPCRs are time consuming and require high investments in liquid handling robots. Current methods need four successive assays to decipher the drug’s mode of action; each one lasts several hours, potentially generates radioactive waste and prevents the use of patient cells (replaced by approximate model cells), thus leading to more challenging clinical trials approval, and impacting the time-to-market of new drugs. Our solution, SynScreen revolutionizes GPCR screening by drastically reducing the assay time from hours to minutes by combining 4 tests in a unique and simple assay.

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